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2023 Year in Review: My Top 3 Entrepreneurship Lessons

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3 Lessons from Interviewing Small Business Owners (in the Bay Area)

4 Tips on Running (and Growing) an Independent Consultancy

Independent Consultants - Good Project Delivery Drives Sales

A 3-Year Roadmap For Starting a Consultancy

I Read 47 Articles on Starting a Consultancy So You Don't Have To

How to Build a High Growth and High Value Consultancy

Week 4 Recap at Vixul

Differentiation: The Key to Growing Your Consultancy

Is a Weak Positioning Statement Hurting Your Consultancy?

Week 1 Recap at Vixul

How to Craft a Compelling Offer That Buyers Can't Say No To

How I Manage My Time (and 3 tips to help you better manage yours)

What Would You Do If You Had To Start a Career Coaching Business?

3 Deadly Misconceptions About Entrepreneurship New Founders Must Avoid

How to Boost Your Newsletter’s Growth With Free E-Book Giveaways

puerto rico, fiverr, and a tech services accelerator i’m joining called vixul

Upwork is More Than a Freelancer Marketplace. Here's How You Should Use It Instead.

I Sold a Software Business for $20,000 on Here’s What I Learned.

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Is the Fear of Criticism Holding You Back From Writing More?

I Wore a Levels Blood Glucose Monitor So You Don’t Have To. Here’s What I Learned.

3 Lessons From My First “Summit Series at Sea”

🤖 I Built a Customizable Chat-GPT Bot. Here’s How to Build Your Own (with screenshots)

How Chess Taught Me Everything I Know About Growth in Entrepreneurship

3 Engineering Mistakes That Kill Startups

🇯🇵 How My First Trip to Japan Changed My Perspective On…Pretty Much Everything

How a Photoshoot at Peter Hurley’s Studio Left Me With a New Understanding of My Appearance

The Robots are Coming. Is Chat-GPT Replacing You as a Software Engineer?

Stop Building Startups. Start Consulting Instead.

Everything I Know About Business I Stole from the San Francisco 49’ers

My Review of Daniel Vassallo’s Class "A Portfolio of Small Bets"

Everyone Should Start a Newsletter. Yes, That Means You!

Is a Lack of Distribution Channels Stunting Your Business Growth?

Mo’ Code, Mo’ Problems - Engineering Advice for Non-Technical Founders

Why Relationship-Building is Key to Business Success (and how to do it)

I Attended a $4,000 Relationship Workshop. It Was Worth Every Cent.

How to Quit Your Job (the right way)

Aftermath of 2 Failed Course Launches 🤦‍♂️

How I Gained 10,000 Followers on Medium in 4 Months

Thinking About Hiring a Wealth Advisor? Read This First

Dear Entrepreneur — If You Don’t Promote Yourself, Nobody Will