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Me in Upstate New York - 2021

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Fun facts about me:

  • Ex-Netflix, Amazon Engineering for ~7 years

  • I now help VC-backed startups build their MVP’s as an engineering consultant.

  • Each article takes me a median of 10 hours to write.

  • I work with a writing coach twice a week, who helps review each piece that I send to you.

  • I learned most of my writing skills from doing 4 years of Speech and Debate in high school.

  • I spend almost all of my Sundays and Mondays writing this newsletter.

  • I qualified for the National Spelling Bee as an 8th grader and placed 45th (out of 275). I misspelled the word “Flicflac” in round 4.

  • I’m in “Elite Smash” (top 3% online) at Smash Bro’s Ultimate, a popular video game.

  • I’m also National Master in Chess, and 99.9% percentile in rating on Chess.com.

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Helping Startups Build MVP's @ All-In Engineering Consulting. Ex-Netflix, Amazon. EECS Alumni @ UC Berkeley. National Master in Chess.