One need look no further than Medium to see the power of caprice. I've been banned from Medium for no greater offense than telling one of the nastiest people in all my experience online that I would not refer to her as "they" since it's a plural. Not that I had any reason to ever refer to her at all, I had already blocked her. Medium's coddling of the "nonbinary" crowd has dragged them down to Quora level.

But I am not convinced by this DAO idea. I was on one of them, a freelancer site called Braintrust, and saw what "community engagement" does in practice: NOTHING gets done. One initiative after another starts off with lots of "awesome!" and then comes the gurgle about community and decentralization, which will get you a latte at Starbucks if you kick in another $5, and soon the initiative is forgotten and sits becalmed in some dead discord thread.

In fact the entire crypto fad is looking more and more like the dotcoms.

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I feel for you and understand you, Michael, for I left a golden cage, too: CERN in Geneva, the European Centre for Nuclear Research!

I am curious about your take on my #MathematicalArt which ultimately goes beyond the prime number problem. But the maths understanding needs to be dumped into a developer's brain. For the moment I'm still on my own, overflowing with creativity. Would you care to click?

On Medium I wrote this story about Right Brain (Art) meets Left Half (Maths): https://medium.com/p/974b396ae054

My #AmazingColourPatterns are on https://primenumbers.store/

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